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Top Signs It's Time To Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

A cool house is a special delight when it's hot outside. The moment you walk through the front door, you are whisked far away from the sweltering heat and can finally relax. It feels wonderful when everything is working as it should. However, although it may seem that all is well, there could be trouble brewing on the horizon. Your air conditioning (AC) unit could be giving off subtle signs that it is about to break down. Take a look at the information below so you'll know how to determine if your AC system needs to be serviced by a professional immediately.

The Air Temperature Varies From Room-To-Room 

Under normal conditions, the temperature of the air should be steady throughout your home. While there will likely be some variations if certain rooms tend to get more sunlight, the overall climate should be pretty much the same.

When your AC unit begins to malfunction you'll notice that one room might be extremely cold while others are excessively warm. If you don't necessarily go into every room in your house on a regular basis you may not notice the changes. This could be the result of a dangerous wiring issue that should most definitely be handled by a professional electrician.

Pay attention to what the members of your household are saying so you can gauge whether this is a problem. Do you have one child who always complains about being too cold while another begs you to increase the AC because they are just too hot? This is a telltale way for you to determine if your AC system is on the verge of disaster!

Foul Odors & Loud Noises Shouldn't Be Ignored

If your AC unit is in good shape you shouldn't have to deal with loud noises. The motor runs along with a gentle "hum" that doesn't disturb your family. If this isn't happening you might be dealing with a system that is severely out of odor. Clangs and bangs are not part of the deal and could mean that you don't have long before your AC dies.

Also, be aware of any strange smells that seem to come out of nowhere. Your AC unit could be filled with mold or mildew and the fan is blowing the scent of these toxins right through your vents.

Servicing your AC unit before it goes bonkers keeps the heat at bay. Don't wait until it's too late. When these signs appear it's time to contact a contractor to get the issue resolved right away.

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